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SetUp Videos


Normal : When you have keys with flat/metal head

TroubleShoot 1 : When you have uneven number of keys in one side

Use the provided metal discs and insert them on top of each other until two sides are matching.

TroubleShoot 2 : When you have keys with plastic/rubber head

You need to create smooth glide: Pick longer set of screws that can fit your entire keys, then pick metal discs and insert them between each two neighboring keys. Note : You may need to insert more then one disc, it depend on the shape of your rubber/plastic head key. Make sure no two neighboring keys touch each other.

A closer look into setup of keys with plastic/rubber head

TroubleShoot 3 : Setup your keys on one side only

Please see setup video above

FAN-KEY Set Up Please Read

FAN-KEY comes with standard 0.12 inch (3 mm) screws. Depend on the country we ship: We provide 2-3 set of screws: between 16 and 40 mm length . ( 0.63 / 1.57 inches)
16 mm screws can support 3 standard/metal head keys on each side - meaning total of 6 keys.
20 mm screws can support 5 standard/metal head keys on each side - meaning total of 10 keys.
40 mm screws can support 15 standard/metal head keys on each side - meaning total of 30 keys.
Note: you can get longer / shorter screws in any local hardware store near you.
Set up and Maintenance - You can easily add / subtract keys from FAN-KEY any time you like - no special tools are necessary.
Use the provided metal disc to tighten / open the screws (you can also use a simple screwdriver).

If you need to add / subtract keys throughout the week on a regular basis, simply carry the provided metal disc with you (in your wallet, etc).
Please note: sometimes we ship longer "phillips screws" for which you will need a matching phillips screwdriver as shown in this picture :

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