What is FAN-KEY?

FAN-KEY is a unique solution for holding most kinds of keys together.
No more key jingle or mess in your pocket, FAN-KEY is smooth and quiet.
FAN-KEY comes with standard screws that can be adjusted or replaced to support more keys!
FAN-KEY is very easy to setup - no special tools are necessary.
You can easily add / remove keys from it any time you like.


Unique frame design that lets you add most kind of keys. For example, keys with a rubber head, or car keys.
Small / special keys can be adjusted in different holes to create optimal layouts and smooth operation.
Add USB / Screw Driver / Scissors / bottle opener or any other devices you may need in your daily life.


Strong Light-Weight and Durable - FAN-KEY is made from 100% polished 6061 aluminum alloy.
Weight is just 1.058 Oz (30 gram).
Anodized in different beautiful colors to hold against scratches.
Unique milling cutting technology - FAN-KEY is processed using a CNC machine for accurate, clean, polished finishing


Custom Add swarovski crystal beads to your FAN-KEY.
Choose from 3 beads colors and make your FAN-KEY unique design.

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